Outdoors & Other Activities

Outdoors & Other Activities


  • Guided Trekking in the mountains and Forests

Garhwal Himalayas is one of the most beautiful regions of South Asia that infatuates all because of its mountains, valleys, splendid waterfalls, and magnificent meadows, dense and untouched forest. A trekking tour gives you a chance to meet and interact with people from different cultures and engage with nature at its best.


  • Burma Bridge

This is a bridge that consists of a thick rope for walking upon, and two ropes to hold on to. The bridge stretches across a gorge. You are ready to cross when you have put on the harness and connected yourself to the safety rope.


  • Rock Climbing & Valley Crossing

Valley Crossing is the technique of traversing across two high points by means of a rope stretched between them.Valley Crossing, the essence of matter is gravity; the essence of spirit is freedom



Tug of war, also known as tug o' war, tug war, rope war or rope pulling, is a sport that directly pits two teams against each other in a test of strength. The origins of tug of war are uncertain, but it is beyond dispute that this once royal sport was practised in ancient Egypt and China, where it was held in legend that the Sun and Moon played Tug of War over the light and darkness.


  • Bonfire at Nights

A bonfire is a controlled outdoor fire used for informal disposal of burnable waste material or as part of a celebration. Celebratory bonfires are typically designed to burn quickly and may be very large. It was evening and after snacks and coffee in the common camp, we all sat in a circle of nice cushy bamboo chairs while a bonfire was being prepared for all.